545 W. Sonora Street, Stockton, CA 95203 | (209) 467-0703
545 W. Sonora Street, Stockton, CA 95203 | (209) 467-0703

COMING SOON: Provide Temporary Housing

Exciting News!

We are excited to share with you some wonderful news that will enhance and expand the services we provide to our guests at St. Mary’s Dining Room. Homeless services are changing. To address the growing crisis of homelessness, the State of California is significantly investing in additional shelters and expanding its Medi-Cal benefits to include housing transition and behavioral health services. In addition, the City of Stockton is partnering with St. Mary’s Dining Room to expand our service model. 

Strategic Plan

Guided by the City Council-approved San Joaquin Community Response to Homelessness Strategic Plan, the City of Stockton has made significant strides in advancing initiatives to address homelessness. The Economic Development Department (EDD) continues to make targeted investments, supported by local, state, and federal funding, that align with the three goals of the Strategic Plan.